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A new concept of relaxing breaks to restore health in Spain.
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By MasQi

We´re delighted to present a new concept of relaxing breaks and unforgettable experiences, based on a philosophy of two essential pillars – diet and personal wellbeing. We´re proud to offer a balanced diet based on organic products, with meals made with fresh, local ingredients. We have an array of vegetarian options and dishes adapted to intolerances. In addition to our carefully designed cuisine, our guests can enjoy the natural energy of this very special place.

From 3 to 21 Nights
From 403€


This program of 2, 3, 5, 7, 14 and 21 nights inspire you to become the best version of yourself.

3 Nights
From 580€

EXPRESS Detox Retreat

High Speed Detox retreat help you to feel renewed, both inside and out. We'll follow a detox diet that will cleanse the body.

12st to 15th November
From 441€

XUAN LAN Retreat

Yoga teacher and wellness expert Xuan Lan is to visit MasQi to prepare an exceptionally powerful retreat in which you can enter the world of yoga with one of the best international guides.

From 3 to 21 Nights
From 809€


Program from 3 to 21 nights, designed to recharge your batteries by practicing yoga whilst being surrounded by nature.

3 o 7 Nights
From 1.010€

Executive anti-stress program

7 nights program focused on relieving stress with the main objective of learning tools that help in managing day-to-day stress management.

14 Nights
From 3.452€

Weight Loss Program

Program that unites the effect of a macrobiotic diet focused on losing weight along with a novel technique that guarantees the reduction of the abdominal diameter.

6 Nights
From 1.908€


Holistic 7-day program that will allow you to improve your health, feel good about yourself, learn a healthy lifestyle and establish strategies to improve your life.

From 4 to 21 Nights
From 900€


Deep Clen Detox retreat from 4 to 21 night (you choose the duration) help you to feel renewed, both inside and out. We'll follow a detox diet that will cleanse the body.

21 Nights
From 5.445€


A comprehensive 21-day program to improve your health through energy therapies, macrobiotic cuisine and other oriental disciplines.

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We offer an array of weekend packages and activities, suited to those visiting alone or with company. Likewise, our multi-day programs are designed to improve your health and to provide the tools required to improve lifestyle, and to live a little better in this ever demanding world in which we live.

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